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Petra McGuire-Saunders - Magenta Pixie

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In 1993 I attended my first healing workshop. I had never given or received healing in this lifetime. We had to pair up with another person and I was paired with a lovely lady who had also never given healing. In our workshop she gave me healing. It was so profound and deeply insightful. I remember crying at the end of the healing session and I recounted my experiences. The lady I had been paired with, who gave me this healing, had just started channelling. I had not (it started for me just a few weeks after this healing). After a couple of years I lost touch with this lady, only to meet up with her again 19 years later in 2012. By this time she had given healing to countless other people, she was still channelling and had written several books. I asked her if she remembered me. Not only did she remember me but she remembered the personal healing release I had experienced and remembered what I had said that day. She said she had never forgotten me and I had never forgotten her. We had made a deep connection that day during her first ever healing and my first ever receiving of healing. That lady's name was Shirley Battie.

In 2012 she kindly agreed to me interviewing her and that interview has been up on my YouTube channel ever since.

Today I heard some very sad news (well both sad and happy depending on perspective). The lovely Shirley Battie who has helped so many people, both in the physical and in spirit, has been unwell and is now preparing to transition from her physical life and move to the next stage of her journey. I cannot help but be sad. It was a shock to hear this as she has always been so full of life and energy.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Shirley did an interview with my other lovely friend, Jackie White. Shirley talks about her journey and how she feels about her coming transition. She is honestly an inspiration, for knowing how to pass over, with grace and joy, is one of the greatest lessons we can learn in life. Ascension involves being aware of our journey and moving forward without fear, natural though fear may be. So yes I am sad, my heart is hurting to know that she will be moving on. Yet after listening to her speak, and knowing she is approaching her transition with as much humility, awareness and flow as she did throughout her life, I am happy for her also. It's a strange dualistic consciousness. I felt the same when my Father passed over in 2018. So sad to say goodbye but happy because I knew what a life he had lived and I knew the path he had called unto himself in transition. I knew I would see him again. If you feel called to listen to this amazing lady then please do watch this video interview. If you feel called to send your love, your healing and your energy to Shirley then I would please ask you to do so.

This really is a fascinating interview and Shirley's authenticity shines through as always. With love, here is Jackie White with Shirley Battie XXX

Shirley Battie speaking with Jackie White

Shirley Battie speaking with Jackie White

Shirley very openly speaks about her thoughts about death and dying.

Hi Shirley,
 I just wanted to tell you that I am still in an elevated and ecstatic state this morning. Your workshop was more than just a workshop it was essentially a mind expanding experience and, certainly the best instructional I have had this year. I do know that I will meet you again for further direction and learning that is without a doubt!

I so look forward to meeting up with you again in the not so distant future.

Thank you once again. Namaste.

I admire you for your passion, ambition, your loving and kind qualities and your perfectly talented gifts – to living a life of personal best. I'm filled with awe and appreciation for all you are and all you aspire to be. Emanation of pure Light and inspiration!

Bottom line, most great inspirations are ahead of their time, “CALLING EARTH,” is one of those novels written ahead of its time. Although it is an emerging literary theme, that was written far beyond the comprehension of the rest of the world. The world needed time to catch up and to understand the topic and its futuristic elements and accept it as the TRUTH. I know the world is ready NOW for its publication and the movie adaptation. Shirley's sci-fi novel, CALLING EARTH. The first of a trilogy.

‘The novel follows the progress of Kate Greene’s journeys taken through mind and time travelling explorations, ET encounters of the 5th kind and hidden agendas. Because of her galactic heritage Kate is allowed to attend a meeting with the Galactic Council, she learns that interplanetary forces conflict to take over Planet Earth. Space Command recruits Kate and sets her the task of informing the public about the infiltration of dark forces in government and of the presence of ET’s and their role in the development of the human races.

CALLING EARTH explores the theories behind alien contact and Government control while explaining news events such as the controversy around Edward Snowden's disclosures. You’ll recognize some of its elements that have been disseminated into today’s pop culture as the likes of the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon, implications of finding intelligent alien life and forbidden classified knowledge.

Shirley has created a thought-provoking captivating read that will make one believe in the existence of advanced ET intelligence. Yet always interesting characters and a thrilling plot, compelling heroine, with humorous, romantic tones serve the popular subject matter in this highly commercial novel. Shirley has finished the sequel volume 11 due out in May 2019.

With great admiration.


I am writing to describe an extraordinay experience that I had when attending a soul reading with Shirley Battie.  I and two others were in the room with Shirley and she had finished channelling our individual readings and was channelling various spirit beings who were inviting us to ask any questions we might have for them.  During this phase Shirley's face would change and other faces would  be superimposed on hers.  One of the other people present was easily able to see these faces but I was not having much luck and feeling a bit disheartened.  Suddenly Shirley's head disappeared entirley to be replaced with a beautiful blue/purple flame which danced around where her head should have been for at least a minute.  I was utterly amazed to see this – I have never seen anything like it before or since – and I was completely sober I can assure you!  I was so delighted and astonished that I kept pointing it out to the other two people but they could not see it. I feel I was very honoured to have this confirmation provided specially for me and think the spirits must have been aware of my disappointment at not seeing the other faces earlier.  If anyone should doubt Shirley's gifts I believe this is real proof of her connection to Spirit.

To this day I sometimes wonder if I dreamed this but know I didn't and have the tape from the session with me commenting with astonishment and delight as evidence.

Alice Rowlands

Shirley Battie is has devoted many years in service to Light and i have had the joy and blessings to work with her and learn from her guides. I highly recommend reading her books and or doing any workshops she is offering. thank you beloved Little Owl.

Lucia Tomarchio

Shirley's workshop was amazing. Within the safe, intimate setting Shirley's enthusiasm for our own connection to different dimensions was fuelled by her clarity, grace and wisdom. I feel honoured to have be guided by her on my journey and would highly recommend anyone else to do so if they get the chance ... Amber - Brangore - England
With much love to you !!

Amber xx

Full Spectrum Beauty

Alison wrote: "What a fabulous day! Spent with truly lovely people! Thank you Shirley for all the confidence, inspiration and life changing teaching! Love & Gratitude xxx"

I got so much out of the workshop on Sunday. The energy was amazing and the people so supportive for a newbie like me.  Your knowledge, patience and teachings are a revelation. After floundering with my inner thoughts and feelings for years I'm really beginning to understand my world and the others too! I find that I'm calmer and happier and excited about my future and the future of our wonderful planet. Thank you so much, so happy that I found you.

Love and lots of light Gill xx

Nickey wrote: "dear Shirley!! Thank you for sharing amazing Workshop with us,Thank you all beautiful people for being there,i Total learn more then i can say. i feel i now will be more aware what i love to do. and act on it... am thinking of your next workshop, and love to join. Thank you Thank you Thank you ~~~:)"

I found the workshop very helpful and allowed me to connect better with my celestial guides. I was able to confirm my feeling that I am a star seed and the workshop also helped provide me with answers as to why I am here at this time. Would highly recommend, thank you Shirley.

Love and light James x

Thank you very much for a wonderful workshop Shirley! Well worth my trip from Norway :) If it wasn't for you being such a good teacher, I would not have been able to get much out of it - but thanks to your excellent guidance I sure did :)

Thank you again.

Synnøve - Norway

Thank you Shirley and thank you so much for the fantastic Channelling workshop on Sunday.  It was a revelation to me.  The techniques, and the way you presented them made me feel so comfortable and safe particularly as it was my first visit to any spiritual workshop type day.  The energy and ambience around me was wonderful and learning to contact my spirit has left me feeling so happy and positive.  I can now start my journey properly so that I may help others and contribute to the Universal energy for the good of mankind and our planet.  I so enjoyed the company of the group too, wonderful people.  I hope I'll see you again soon, I want to keep learning. It's a joy.

Thanks again 


 Re : Tour of New Zealand, March 2013

Shirley’s Spiritual / Mediumship went down a real treat and her New Zealand tour went very smoothly and was a huge success. She was very easy to work with, in the planning and promotion of her New Zealand tour, supplying advance information and details as needed. The workshops that Shirley presented were in great demand and well received with a high attendance, as with her Soul Readings and private One on One readings. If you ever return to New Zealand, I would love to promote you again. Best Wishes in your future spiritual work.

Warm regards,


Hi Shirley, I managed to get all four books. Have just finished "Channelling"..easy to read & I couldn't put it down either. Now 'Being Human' is so well written & am thoroughly enjoying it. Now my hubby wants to read it. A few of us were talking about you & your visit here tonight at the spiritualist church....a few are reading your books now too!!  

Your presence here in Nelson NZ has truly been appreciated by many. Esp. those who have attended your workshops ,talks & had readings with you. You have been a breath of fresh air, sharing your knowledge willingly & in an understandable way. I personally have learned loads from you in our short time together in your workshops. You have given me new ways of doing things to help move me forward & I thank you. It is clear to me why you have been chosen to do the work you do. I send you lots of love. xx

Carol Milner March 2013 New Zealand

Hi Shirley,

 Thank you for all your teachings and guidance. Your spiritual guidance is laser sharp and given with gentleness and kindness. After a week of teachings my life has changed and been enriched. 

I had a Soul Reading and wow what a life changing reading. The guidance was accurate and the evening was thrilling, a definite must. 

The Channeling Workshop was filled with guidance and teachings that any one that wishes to expand their connection to Spirit Guides this workshop is the one to lift you to know you can do it.

Reaching for the Stars Workshop was life changing. I experienced a Oneness that has integrated to my Soul. I have meditated for many years and live my life serving from my heart. After this workshop I am experiencing such joy and peace that life is sweet and filled with inner bliss. 

I would recommend Shirley Battie to anyone who is really ready to make great inner changes and soul knowing. 

Infinite Love and Gratitude,

Lucia Tomarchio

The day after a night of Soul Readings, some comments.

Angela wrote: "It was a truly amazing evening and what a wonderful lady!:) xx thank you Shirley "

Donna wrote: "I second that Ange WOW WOW and a massive WOW everything just fits into place and makes so much more sense i could have sat and listened to Shirley Battie all night :o))"

There are some pivotal moments in life that completely change the way that you look at the world and attending Shirley’s course is one of those pivotal moments. For those dedicated to the Ascension path and raising their vibrations as Light workers or even for those newly Awakened and curious to know more, spending time with Shirley and practicing the methods she teaches on the course will give you the right tools to progress your own SELF development at your own pace in your own time. And that time is NOW. 

Paul Dobrée – Carey

The moment I saw the video of Shirley in YouTube, my Soul knew that I would meet her in person. So many beautiful frequencies around her aura and her dedicated service to her spiritual path. I felt that the workshop was just so open for everyone to receive what was needed. There were no limitations, just space to go in and receive with her and the group. Spirit is there guiding all the time, and I released one of my deepest rejections when I heard myself channeling within. It has represented for me a clearing in many aspects, I am still getting all the information together and grasping more and more new insights.

Shirley is there supporting, listening and caring all the time, no ego, no show-off :) just her beautiful and wise SOUL and all the guides. What a relief!!!

Gratitude to Shirley and Spirit for having taken us all the way from Denmark :))) ("You are mad", she said)

After all, we have come from so far...It was more than worthy.

I strongly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in connecting deeply within surrounded by like-minded people and supported by wonderful Spirit with Shirley.

Joy and Bliss


I recently attended Shirley’s workshop , reach for the stars ..

As always with Shirely , I felt safe and relaxed in how she guides you to seek further enlightenment... and by extending and trusting  my meditation skills, she has so ably taught , and let me connect to
higher evolved  beings, and ascended masters, who showed me how life would be after alot of the planetry changes, and that the future isnt to be feared , but to look forward to .

Switching tracks ... the most useful tool Shirley also shared with us
..  with love and thanks to you Shirley .. 


Dearest Shirley, thank you for the workshop on Sunday. As I’ve mulled over it the more profound it’s begun to feel. I am particularly grateful for the meditation where we met our soul. It feels as though I can now communicate consciously with my soul. Secondly, there is a sense that my brain has been shifted to a new level. It is as though it has become open and available to ‘something else’.  Thank you, 


"To spend a day with Shirley is a treat not to be missed. Whoever you are, you will come away changed in a way that you can only be grateful for. Thank You Shirley for being you and for being willing to 'boldly go .....' and to take others with you"  


Hi Shirley,

It is Karen Seychell here from Melbourne Australia.  I think about you often, how amazing i think you are and also how much you have taught and brought into my life. 

It was an absolute pleasure learning from you and being around you for that fortnight.  Not to mention my reading and soul channelling evening.  I have finished ‘Being Human’ and enjoyed it immensely.  When I read about your helper’s or your experiences, I feel that they are there, popping out of the pages.. Somewhat urging me to read more... with a lot of love of course. You truly have left a mark in my life and a point I can always refer to. 

Thank you for the work you do and for the inspiration that you have given me.

Karen Seychell

Dear Shirley,

I recently attended one of Shirley’s Soul Group Evenings and was amazed at the information and detail that was given to each of the participants. Thank you for a wonderful night last night at Suzy’s house for our soul group. (24/2/2011)

Personally I could relate to the information given to me. I am currently processing the information and looking for ways to apply it in my everyday life.  It was an amazing experience to watch the changes come over Shirley as each of the Guides stepped in.  A truly memorable, entertaining and informative  occasion. 

Shirley Beattie from Melbourne, Australia
The Guardian Angel Family Wellbeing Centre

I first encountered Shirley when a friend recommended her as someone very competent at giving spirit readings.  I’ve since had several sessions with her and usually found her readings accurate and often fit well with what I also feel.

At our first meeting Shirley saw my channelling capabilities although I was initially resistant to doing this kind of work.  With some trepidation I joined her channelling development group and worked under her guidance for a year. For the last four years I’ve been channelling a group of high vibrational beings. 

I haven’t met anyone who is as proficient at guiding a channelling pupil as Shirley.   This includes:

  • Offering advice about how to protect oneself before channelling.
  • Having the skill to see how far the pupil is in the required altered state to enable channelling, and how to adjust that.
  • Being able to ‘see’ beings who wish to use the pupil’s open channel.
  • How to use speech to move from the pupil talking to the pupil channelling the ‘incoming’ being.
  • At what stage a pupil should practice channelling without her being present.

In all my dealings with Shirley I’ve found her a person of high integrity and sensitivity, and someone who is dedicated to the work she does in the service of Spirit.  I’m convinced that her channelling teaching work is part of her life’s purpose. I can recommend her without reservation as a first class channel and channelling teacher.

John Marsh. - Hampshire

Shirley is a truly inspirational psychic development teacher. I've been privileged to attend her some of her groups and training sessions in the UK and I can honestly say that they she is one of the most insightful, empowering and gifted spiritual teachers I've ever met.  Shirley's wisdom, guidance and knowledge can help you find truth and meaning in your daily life, and surely this is something that all of us are looking for.

Apart from her incredible mediumship, channelling and psychic gifts, Shirley is also a lovely, kind, generous, and giving teacher, who cares deeply about helping people, and who can sense where you are in your own development and how to improve your awareness.  

I recommend Shirley unreservedly to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves, and is looking to develop their own inner awareness and understanding. She is, without doubt, one of the best.

 Lynn - Southampton

I have been attending Shirley’s workshops for over 4 weeks now it has proven to be really beneficial and I have been increasingly developing my psychic abilities. I have found the meditation techniques and channelling messages to be particularly useful and is really helping me to progress spiritually. I really love Shirley’s direct and positive manner and feel really uplifted after each session. The layout of the workshops are really well structured and I love being able to share the messages I am receiving from Spirit. Shirley really is an inspirational woman and I am looking to work on channelling later and raising the vibration to work with higher energies.

Jess xx

We have attended workshops and courses run by Shirley and have found them very informative. Shirley is a good instructor with a great depth of knowledge that she is willing to share with everyone. She has a lot of patience when teaching beginners and encourages progress in a very positive manner. Her ready smile and twinkling eyes make it a pleasure to be taught by her.

 Michael and Shelagh O`Grady

Poole, Dorset, England.

Dearest Shirley  

I am so grateful to you for holding your soul readings at my home during September. So many people have commented how much they got from these and cannot wait for you to come back and do some more. It has really helped to understand our time here in this lifetime and our purposes with greater understanding of who we are.

The personal readings were also very popular, with very positive feedback from everyone that you saw. All who saw you said that your readings were so accurate and the palm readings that you did along with this were amazing.

The Mediumship training that you gave at the workshop on Saturday was phenominal, most of the people there, including myself, got so much out of it, and the feedback has been 100% positive.

I personally enjoyed the Channelling workshop that I attended with you only last week, this has helped me move further with my work and given me so much underlying knowledge to assist me in moving forward. I am still continuing to read your book "Channelling", but to do the workshop alongside whilst reading the book was so much more valuable. I fully understand now the concept of channelling and how it is done and have had some very interesting results already!

Thank you
Love & Light always

Cheryl x

"I have had the privilege to work with Shirley who visited our area of the UK to perform Soul Readings and lectures. Shirley is one of the few people I have met who works from a high spiritual perspective, connecting and educating people with the higher realities of life, including bridging our relationships with our star brothers and sisters. This is very important work as we move ahead with the spiritual awakening. I also received a wonderful Akashic reading from Shirley that allowed me to view the current theme or common thread between my key life times. This session resonated with me deeply. Anybody choosing to open their consciousness to the greater realties of our universe would be in good company spending time with Shirley.

Blessing -Ian Jones

Shirley is a very grounded person who explains her gift simply with no airs or graces.

Her manner of assisting others to channel makes the experience very natural, which of course it is. I would recommend anybody to 'sit' with Shirley as we surely 'ARE ALL ONE'

Patricia.  -February 2009

Shirley is open to all possibilities in life and doesn't limit her gift of higher communication to any specific line of work as wisdom and guidance comes in many different forms. With Shirley, all lines of communication and possibility are open and her readings reflect her propensity for this unique way of working within the higher dimensions to gain full information and guidance for her clients.

Debbie McDougall

"Widely-known spiritualist and author Shirley Battie brings to her workshops and readings a wide and varied background of knowledge gained through extensive study, meditation, and channelled wisdom from her ET guides and Ascended Masters.  She is truly a planetary Lightworker who is aiding in our collective ascension during these transformational times."

Joan Halbert - DC

With 20 years as a spiritual teacher and vast experience in soul readings, personal readings, spirit and guide contact, mediumship, spiritual rescue, channelling and meditation she has the ability to tap into a whole realm of different divine sources.  This enables her to tailor spiritual ability to meet individuals’ wishes and provide a much more in depth personalised reading and an outcome that will exceed expectations.

I guarantee that your reading will be different for any other reading you have had and an experience that will leave you wiser, comforted and fulfilled. 

Sarah - Sydney, Australia

Dear Shirley  

Thank you so much for the soul reading yesterday, to say I'm shocked at what happened during the reading would be an understatement, it was an amazing experience! I don't know what I expected but certainly not visions of ET's, and many, many other different guides, spiritual beings, even different languages. You certainly are an amazing person to be able to channel these beings through yourself. I will definitely come to Bournemouth to see you and can't wait to see you again.

Vivienne X - Bexhill on Sea

Having had time to re-live the experience and also meditate on it this am - incidentally I felt their presence so took the opportunity to ask my un-asked questions! I wanted to summarise for you the quick flashes of the faces I saw, over and above the ones I verbalised during the session last night. 3 of the faces I saw came to me as look alike TV/film characters - which is why I didn't mention them as I suspect everyone would have laughed and broken the energy of the moment. I thought this odd and needed to confirm their identity. The names attached to the faces were:

1. A blonde Mr Tumnus. This one, I believe was ET in origin. He had pointing ears, and a longer face. He was lovely and a bit playful I felt.

2. Ian McKellan as Gandalf - I believe this was a Sage / Wise One  -with the beard etc but not of oriental origin. The oriental gentleman was the 1st and clearest picture that I saw and he came through on a few occasions. 

3. Jimmy Hendrix - yes, I laughed too - but now I realise it was a Sai Baba energy. He came through very strongly at the very end on 2 occasions - yes, you had a large and very dark affro and I can't say it really suited you!!

Another face that I noted was of nordic origin and seemed more 'modern'. You had a blonde moustache and soft blonde hair, but with more at the sides. Your head was of human shape but your nose was larger and slightly bulbous. The energy was soft, gentle, wise and somehow 'patient'.

I thought I saw a flash of a female energy at one point, but it was fleeting and I couldn't anchor it.

I hope this is useful to you! It all happened quickly and was the 1st time I'd experienced seeing it in someone else - I've witnessed it once in half my face during a Reiki session last year, I may have told you about it. It was a very interesting experience and a first for me! The being was ET and called Orac (or similar). He was with the boy I was treating. A very long and tall being with a long and tall face - it felt very odd I can tell you, almost as though my face had stretched and drooped. A bit like having a stroke sort of sensation I imagine - except I could feel it of course!

Anyway, many thanks again and please count me in on further sessions.  

Debbie McDougall, Heaven-Wise Health -

Hi Shirley  

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most special and extraordinary weekend.  I have been on a rollercoaster since and things seem to be shifting rather quickly.

Today I feel like a different person - so much lighter and terribly excited as I think spirit visited me this morning. I'm beginning to believe in myself and words cannot express my gratitude for all your help.   With much love and grateful thanks.  

Sue - Hove, Brighton

My dear Shirley,

I’m writing to thank you so much for the wonderful medium workshop that I did with you in Bexhill last Saturday.   I enjoyed every minute of it and found you honest, open and so natural.. you gave me the confidence to see and believe everything now..I am so grateful for everything .

My soul reading blew me away... I can only recommend people have this done, it was very valuable to me and an experience that I will never regret.

I shall be coming down to Bournemouth to see you before Christmas and will be in contact with you to organise some workshops here in Brighton.

Thank you again

Gina Scourfield  - Brighton

I must thank you for your help and inspiration in stepping on the path to spiritual development, my attitude to life and my priorities have certainly changed since I came to you in Bournemouth. Even friends have noticed the difference. 

Kay S - Birmingham

Your gift enhances the lives of many. Thank you so much for being a positive force in mine and blessings to you.

Michelle Haywood = DC

 Hi Shirley,

Your workshop today was truly amazing, comforting and directional. It has helped me beyond my wildest dreams and hopes, it truly was the
key I needed to open the door.

Thank you and I thank God for you being here at this time to help people like me. I finally feel complete and now know what to do with my life for now and the future. I also have an sense of peace for which I am and will be eternally grateful.

Love, best wishes and keep well

Suzy xxxxx


hi shirley

just wanted to say a very BIG THANK YOU for the most wonderful evening full of your extensive knowledge on such a large variety of topics plus your lovely personality. Everyone enjoyed it so and came away with a lot more than they came with and thanks for the personal channeling bits you so kindly managed to give us.

You certainly hit some very interesting and totally different readings for us

Love Suzan- UK 


From: Natalie Lascelles
To: Shirley Battie
Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2007 3:58 PM
Subject: Re: testimonial

Hi Shirley....
I came to you recently to have some Hypnotherapy sessions and I wanted to write to you to tell you how much they have helped me. There is a lot of misconception and understanding of this valuable skill in that the 'patient' can be tricked , mislead or left vulnerable. This is not the case with you dear Shirley, I felt in safe hands and that I could completely let go and let your understanding, empathy , and skills as a hypnotherapist help me resolve the difficult paths I have had to tread . I feel doorways have been opened that would otherwise have remained closed and my heart that was aching can now rest a little and allow for reflection.

Allow Shirley to help you too. In a comfortable safe room with lovely gentle energies you can overcome anything you want to...
brightest blessings and with heartfelt thanks

Natalie - UK 

Soul Readings

Date: 02 January 2008 12:04

On June 30th 2002, my husband and I drove 2-1/2 hours to meet with a lady from England for a soul reading. We had gone down the night before to meet her and listen to her tell a small group about how she learned to this.

The was a reading done with four other people. Shirley goes into a trance and channels her guides, several whom made an appearance. It was very interesting.

First, she confirmed that I am a starseed and a lightworker and a healer... At the time, I had identified 14 past lives so far, most of the ones I remember are the more recent ones. Shirley confirmed the earliest ones, including my beginning. Shirley confirmed that I was at Atlantis, in fact said I had many lives there...This makes sense since Atlantis existed for over 20,000 years. I now remember about 6 different lifetimes on Atlantis as well as Lemuria.

She also confirmed at least one life in Egypt and at least one life in China... both of which I recall, and there have been others as well as Japan. But the one that really got to me, so much that I was almost in tears.... was a life that I remembered in England about 1200 ce. I was a witch there and was burned at the stake. This had such an impact on me... I am very much afraid of fire, and the guide told me this was why (he didn't ask me, he told me) and then asked if I understood.

(I've since had a past life regression that took me further into this fear of fire and the memories of being orphaned in a ancient Native American tribe as a young girl.. when my parents both died in a fire).

Shirley's guides told us that my husband, Tim and I have always been soulmates and met and grew up together as starseeds, and were together on Atlantis and in Egypt.

Shirley confirmed an earlier reading of my being a walk in, which I had been told by a reading by someone else. Then this past summer, that was further confirmed by a hypnotherapist-psychic who confirmed three resident souls... my birth soul and two walk ins.

Shirley told us so much more, so much that even now we are still trying to digest it all. We video taped the evening and I need to watch it again. It was an extraordinary evening.

Shirley Battie, travels all over the world giving soul readings, as well as others. If you ever get a chance to meet with her, I highly recommend it.
She also has a book out 'Channelling', which I am anxious to read.

It was so cool to get confirmation of things I remembered from my past lives, and to learn that messages I am getting from my dreams, feelings, and meditations are true.

Since this reading, my past life memories have come to me in much more detail, especially from my last past life. I not only have discovered the German prison camp where I died, the date, my mother's name as well as her families, and found a picture of the tunnel that we running down when we were shot by the Nazi officers. That tunnel had been in my nightmares of this lifetime from the time was age 9 until after I was married at age 30.

Posted by Cindi/Epona'Bri Alaska

Hi Shirley

We just wanted to say thank you for the amazing week we had when you visited us in Southend On Sea. You are such a lovely lady and we all warmed to you immediately. We learnt so much from your talks and the evenings of Soul Readings were awe-inspiring for everyone who attended. We felt it was wonderful proof of our soul’s eternal journey. Please come back and visit us again soon.

Terri & Ian at the Essex Spirit Guide

I have just read the introduction to your book this morning. How right were all those encouragements for you to write a book that were channelled!

 You certainly to have a gift that enables you to reach people with the written word. Your command of language enables you to pass on insightful information with utmost clarity in terms that are readily understood and easy to assimilate.

 This is indeed are rare gift and reminds me of the variation in teaching standards that I have come across in my life: Some have more to pass on than others;

I have come  across a very few great teachers who are able to take difficult concepts that are incomprehensible to most and because of their depth of understanding, can explain these in simple terms that lead to "Ha Ha" insightful moments for their pupils.

Your writing talent equates to the talent of these great teachers; your style is very readable, easy to assimilate and you have the capacity to use words to reach the widest audience to provide understanding. I am looking forward to reading the rest...

Much love,  Frenna   UK

Hello Shirley.

Just to say that I came along to a reading with you last month, along with Marilyn - a bit belated but wanted to thank you for the most amazing evening.

Your channel is so pure and you have a lovely manner - it was thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening. One of the past lives highlighted to me was that of a Cree Indian in Canada - and having always suppressed my inner 'squaw' - am now wearing plaits!!! More than  that though, I was in Canada last October and ended up in a Cree museum and felt very drawn to it all - now I know why!  So many other references that were so very true for me too - so thank you very much. 

All good things -


Hello Shirley

On the 8th April 2005, my wife Annie and myself were present at your group meeting  in Jersey. We were sat no more than 10 ft from you ,and  I was amazed at the transformations that took place, I even saw my own guide Howling Wolf.

On the 10th April we were present  at a small group meeting , again we were both very very impressed with the messages and again the transformations that took place. To learn  how we both developed on Earth during past times was amazing. Again I saw Howling Wolf , Annie and others saw  other guides.  We both can  say honestly  our lives have been enriched greatly by meeting with you ,and look forward  to meeting with you again.

We wish you much health , happiness and peace.

Annie & Graham, Jersey

Dear Shirley,

I really do owe you some feedback on the soul reading you did for me when you were last here in DC.  I know that others, like myself, were delighted with this learning opportunity, yet you may never know how, or whether, we were able to use this information.  Until my reading I’d never been especially drawn to learn more about my past lives, but now that some time has passed I can see how what you told me has played out in my present life, and I have a new appreciation of how valuable a teaching tool it is.

The benefits of my reading far outlasted what I learned from the session. At any rate, this new understanding (that we have different roles to play) shifted my consciousness from a way of working with you where I received and benefited, to a more collaborative one where I could participate.  It’s like you provided me with raw material, after that it was up to me to absorb and metabolise it and so make use of this new energy in my daily life.  I figured that doing the reading was your job while integrating it and making it work was mine.  

You are a person who always follows your inner guidance and so a real model for the rest of us.  I can remember when you were planning your trip to Africa, even though your friends (including myself) were concerned that you might what - be perhaps gobbled up by modern versions of cannibals?  You didn’t let our worries get in the way and went anyhow because it was right for you. Now all of us are so much the richer for it.

Sometimes I think it’s not so much what you do but who you are, and I would really like more people to get “the good stuff” as I did.

Love and light,


'A huge thank you for such a wonderful evening when we came to you for our Soul readings.

I feel that it was such an amazing experience that will stay in our memories for such a long time.
The accuracy in which we were each told that throughout our lives ran a thread which is so very apparent today as it was in our lives  pre Atlantis times, was just amazing. We felt an inner knowing and a greater understanding of simply everything as our Soul's path reached out behind us and before us.
Thank you also for the amazing channelling which took place after our soul readings. Spirit gave such a wonderful display, we were truly spoilt!
Thank you once again!'
Gina, Sam, Rachel and Tracy

"The soul readings was fascinating. It described my past lives thousand of years ago from Atlantis to America. When the reading was over things began to happen which I thought would be totally impossible. Shirley was still in a trance when spirit said they would try to appear to us. After 20 seconds she started to change into an old oriental man with a long white beard. As the minutes went by he became clearer and clearer until there was a physical Chinese man of about 60-70 years old sitting where Shirley was meant to be.  After a few more minutes seeing very clearly this spirit Shirley started to disappear. This happened at least 4-5 times in as many minutes. We were amazed the three of us seeing exactly the same thing.  It is difficult to put into words what we saw that day and is something you would have to see to understand."

Thank you Shirley for an amazing experience.

James  - Bournemouth.

Dear Shirley,

"Thank you for spending time with us in Devon and especially for the experience and inspiration received from the group soul readings.  This was a wonderful insight into our souls journey and I am just so glad I was able to attend and learn so much from the readings.  The valuable information which came through from your guides will not be overlooked by me and I must say I was truly grateful for the knowledge and guidance they imparted on a soul level."

Many thanks,


"Having returned from Jersey to my home in Guernsey after a wonderful three days with your wonderful company, I am writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help, guidance and understanding I received from you through your Physic and Soul Readings.  In fact, just being in your company raised my spirits to an amazing and positive level.  I am still there!"

"My gratitude for meeting up with you and learning from you cannot be expressed fully in words.  Suffice to say: Shirley, you are Light-sent and may we meet again in whatever life or being that we may be in at that time.  I hope it won’t be too long in coming."


"I recently went on one of Shirley's meditation workshops and although I had recently started meditating myself, Shirley showed me a different angle to take, and to my surprise has worked wonders for me. I was so taken to Shirley and the way she taught that when an opportunity came up to do her channeling workshop, I jumped at the chance. I have learnt a lot from Shirley in the short time of knowing her and would suggest to anyone who is thinking about opening themselves up more to give her a call, you won't be disappointed.

Shirley, thank you for a wonderful weekend, and hope to see you again soon."

Farah, UK.

"The channelling workshop was excellent too.  I am looking forward to seeing you next summer.  Your visit was a highlight for my summer and I know Dave feels the same way.  We are both very grateful."

Sharon, Anchorage - Alaska

"I would like to thank you for a lovely day, and it made me realise I was on the right track, with regards to my spiritual path."


"A delightful woman, nothing less than delightful. And energetic, incredibly insight, and gifted as if - and probably is - descended directly from the Heavens.

I consider Shirley a wonderful and dear friend  - for her spark and sharp wit can brighten any day. She is also ready, willing and able to share what she knows as well as listen attentively to the storied adventures of another. Mostly, she is a mentor - a woman to whom I have turned, and will continue to turn - formally through readings and informally in conversation - for advise, guidance and counsel.

Don't be misled by her diminutive size, quiet voice, lovely humour and sparkling eyes. This is as powerful, insightful and impactful a spiritual teacher and medium as you are likely to meet in some time.

Enjoy all her many human and angelic qualities. You will have fun. You will go the next level of trust. You will commune. You will share. You will try new and wondrous things you never thought possible. And you will be changed and awakened...for it is impossible to resist either the gentle prodding that is implicit in Shirley's presence or her ever present invitation to go the next step in nurturing spiritual consciousness.

With love and joy,"

William - Florida

"Dear Shirley, 

Just thought I would send you an e-mail to say thank you for a wonderful day I had yesterday on the channelling workshop. So enjoyable and useful, I must get practising!

Please let me know when you do your next channelling evening, I would love to attend.

Many thanks again and Best Wishes,"

Clare - Bournemouth, UK

"Thanks for the reading @ AMC in December.  The things you told me were things only I could know.  You are amazing.  Also, I had downloaded a Cayce Past Life Report a couple of months ago.  (I am not sure why I did that!)  A lot of what you said was mirrored in the report.   Well I hope to talk to you soon."

Joan - Washington DC

"I have had contact with a couple of handful of really fine mediums, and I definitely, without reservation, include Shirley in this group.  She began by giving me some very accurate information about my life up to this point.  This may seem to some as interesting but not what they want to know about the unknown; however, it is extremely important in building credibility with each client.  It constitutes "proof" of her ability to know the unknown -- because things that happened to me earlier in my life are not anything she could have known about me (or any other clients), nor could she have deduced it.   In a likewise manner, she gave me information about the person I wanted to connect with on the spirit side, again validating that she was indeed in touch.  Beyond establishing "proof",  she then gave me information about what sorts of things that might be coming in my future.  Much of this information, in my case, related to events far enough ahead that I have not had a chance yet to validate the accuracy, but I will say that it all either seemed plausible to me OR, in some cases,  it even correlated very well with things and events that have been mentioned to me by other mediums -- none of which she either knew or knew that I'd seen.

I have no idea what sort of activity you are considering engaging her for, but I think you will find her very enlightening.  She is a fine teacher who not only helps you understand yourself better, but counsels in an off-hand sort of way as to what might be good for you as she proceeds through a reading.  She seems to have an easy connection to  people's loved ones, as well as to a broad band of  guides and teachers on the spirit side of our universe.  She is a very pleasant, up-beat sort of person with an engaging sense of humour.  I very much look forward to another reading with her and to a workshop she is going to give on meditation when she returns to the Washington, DC area this fall. I find it very easy to recommend her."

Tish, Annandale, Virginia

"Dear Shirley,

Very quickly to say thank you for a fantastic day yesterday. I feel so uplifted by the energies you bring and hold. My excitement at really being able to channel is hard to express. So I can only thank you for your help. I would like to arrange a soul reading with you."

Ruth - UK

"Shirley's soul reading reminded me of who I am . The knowingness of this reached all levels of my being, from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to the cellular level. I connected once again with my soul.  Since then it seems as though the veils of illusion and doubt of the 3rd dimension have lifted.  I thank Shirley and her guides for this."


"Thank you so much for everything this past week. You are a great teacher and motivator. many of your words have helped me to open the doors to new and varied concepts."

Teddie - Seattle

"Thank you for sharing the meditation wisdom with us. It was a wonderful workshop and your presence was wonderful to be near. It is a gift to bring people together that may or may not know each other and to create an environment where it feels natural to share innermost thoughts or experiences. Thank you for sharing that gift with us. You have given me a great deal to think about and a tool that finally makes sense to me."

Thank you,

Dawn - Seattle

"I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful reading I received from you!  During your reading with me, I was very moved when contact was made with my grandfather.  It was wonderful hearing from him.  I was stunned by how much you could communicate his personality - I felt a true connection and was comforted by his words! 

Thank You!"

Cassandra, Alaska.

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