Little Owl Spiritual Messages from Shirley Humphreys-Battie


Do it Now

You can only work from where you are now. You are here now on this planet. Work from each moment. Don’t put things off and say – I will.  DO – BE in each moment the best you can.  Don’t let the brilliant and wonderful ideas and dreams float away with the minutes. Decide in actioning them NOW. If you have a skill – use it. If you do not, then BE the best, the most loving person that you can be, in whatever environment you are in. Recognise what you are not, and be what you are. Be sunny, happy and this will reflect on others.

It is your mission to bring love to the planet, and to create a world that revolves around loving acts.  You are pioneers with a job to do.  How can you love someone who does foul deeds or who hurts you personally?  It is not easy but it is possible. If you can see past the physical person, instead imagine you are looking at a soul.  See it as a suffering unhappy soul, one that needs help. Look at it with compassion.  Those who do soul rescue work will find this easier.  Ask for help to be given and send loving thoughts.  But you will have to feel it.  It is no good saying I ought to love mine enemies because it says so in the Bible.  You have to feel it - through compassion.  Compassion is akin to love. 


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