Little Owl Spiritual Messages from Shirley Humphreys-Battie

People of the Stars

Most who read this will be aware that our planet Earth is changing and some will have an idea of what is to come.  Many more will realise that what is happening is part of our necessary evolution as a species.  Souls incarnated as physical beings are changing in molecular structure, vibration rate and in the DNA.

But did you know that we are receiving outside help?  Great Beings from the Stars have for uncountable years played a part in these physical and mental changes of our form. Why?  We are of the Stars ourselves and can regard ourselves as the offspring, the products of interaction with beings from many star systems. Principally these are Sirius, The Pleiades,  Arcturus, Orion and Venus.  To respect Galactic Non-Interference Law they are limited in what they can do. To overcome this many have bravely volunteered to incarnate as a Human, either through the birth process or as a walk-in.

Do you know who you are? Have you ever felt that you do not belong here? It maybe that you are one of those volunteers.  If so then you have a job to do and you won’t be satisfied until you get started.

Are there inter-planetary beings and angels living among us? Are we already becoming greater  human beings? What is happening today and what is to happen on and around the Earth very soon?  Are these events to be welcomed, ignored or feared?  What is our connection to the stars? Who were the gods of ancient legends? Did giants really roam the planet at one time? Answers to these questions are coming thick and fast, through spirit communication. How we are to prepare ourselves for this stupendous leap for mankind?

We are all aware of the other dimensions we go to when we die.  We are currently in the third dimension.  This fact is no surprise to anyone, even to those who do not think about such things.   What would you say if you were told that there are 144 dimensions with many levels in each, as far as we know?  We have a long way to go.  The good news is that it gets better as we climb the dizzy heights.  Even one step is a vast improvement on our present status as human beings.

Many of this earth have experienced the lower levels of the fourth dimension, through near death experiences or altered states of awareness, during meditation.  Most say haw wonderful this is and how they wished they could have stayed. Have any of us been in the fourth dimension before? Of course we have.  Between physical lives our soul consciousness is free and is able to travel where it will, according to to its level of vibration.  We speak of Light Beings and Light Workers, both in the physical and non-physical form.  Whether you are a Walk-in or not is not as important as shedding our light into the dark and helping others on our way.

We are told that there is no such thing as time and yet we feel we are bound by time. We rush here and there, trying to get everything done in time for this or that. However when we meditate, even for only five minutes, we find that our inner journeys cover vast tracks of events. We can access the past, present or future with ease.  We can visit other planets or enter free space, the Great Void. Do we believe what we experience? Even as a creation of our imagination, it is a reality, it exists. We can  ‘image create’  worlds of wonder, health and happiness.  These worlds exist and can be accessed, for they have  been imaged before and have not disappeared from reality.  These then are the other dimensions.

We have been there before, if you believe there is no such thing as time.  I have spoken to entities through channelling sessions who affirm this. They speak of giants who roamed the Earth. Our own mythology speaks of giants, gods, fairies, mythical creatures and other great beings who inhabited the Earth.  They speak of Atlantis with the great powers of  those who lived at that time.  Where do these stories come from, if not from reality?

I believe that many of you here now, Teachers, Healers, Walk-Ins, incarnated angels, old souls  or new and re-incarnating Atlanteans have come as a new immense spiritual wave sent to Earth,  to assist those who do not understand that we are about to enter a greater dimension in a lighter, less dense physical form. We come from many planets and have been here for a very long time, to understand the nature of our role and of humanity.  I am told by The White Brotherhood that there is to be a new root race of man. That mankind as a whole is leaving behind the Adamic period and entering a new level of being.

Already I am meeting many who have a wide knowledge of the nature of our existence, who show great knowledge and spiritual understanding.   Many clients who come for readings are from other  worlds, or are teachers as Walk-Ins, or from a higher realm.  Through Soul Readings I am delighted to inform clients of their mission and heritage.  They usually go on to do astounding things as a result.  All any of us need is encouragement and inspiration.  There is a great awakening on this Earth.

We can also help the Earth itself.  We are infinite souls and cannot be erased from existence.  Where we go is dependent on the quality of our light, our souls.  We are urged to focus on our souls, not on the Poles.  God Bless you all.

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