Little Owl Spiritual Messages from Shirley Humphreys-Battie

Enoch's Advice

Enoch: “We’re going to talk about talents and skills.

“How often do you consider what talents and what skills you have? All so often you look at your failings and where you think you could improve.  So often you look on yourself in a negative sense. I am too fat or I am too thin, or I wish this or I wish that about your form. There is always a tendency also to do this with the abilities that you have. How many of you say “Ooh I couldn’t do that” or “I’m not capable of that” or “So and so is better than I am at doing that sort of thing”, and so you downgrade yourself.

“We are asking that in your life, that you upgrade yourself, and look within you to see what skills do you have, what talents have you now? What talents and gifts did you have when you were growing up? How many of them have fallen by the wayside? All these questions you can ask yourselves. We would like you to consider your talents and your gifts.  They do not have to be large or of worldwide importance. Your talent might simply be being considerate to others or showing kindness, feeling love. They don’t have to be that you are very artistic, or an amazing speaker, or anything of that nature. Your talents also are in the small things. These small things are the things that matter to those around you, providing you use those talents. If you do not use them, then you are of no help to another, for it remains within. Have you given this any thought?

“The other thing we would like you to do in your life is to look for and seek out the talents in others, and when you find them, as you surely will, make sure that the other person is commended on that talent, even for something as small as ‘My goodness you have a wonderful smile.’ A smile is a talent. Not all have that talent, or not all think to use it. So when you seek and discover a talent, no matter how small or large, make positive comment on it to that person. This will give them confidence in themselves where perhaps it was needed. It will lighten their day.

“Many of you go around saying ‘What can I do to change the world?’, ‘How can I make a difference?’ We say it is in the small things, as well as the large things, that make a difference. You can transform a person’s day by the right comments. We are not asking you to tell lies, or to overly flatter when it is not true, but simply seek and find the good in others, the little sparkle of wonder that is in another being and give voice to it, not simply think it. Many of you think ‘oh isn’t that person clever’ or ‘don’t they look good’ ‘haven’t they dressed well etc., But if you only think and it is not verbally passed on it does not make a difference to that other person.

“Now many of you are thinking ‘There are many on this planet who already think too much of themselves’, and maybe you will add to their ego by commenting on the good that they have. You know those who go around saying how wonderful they are, are usually those who do not think a lot of themselves. They voice those things in compensation for their lack of confidence and trust in themselves. Can you see the truth in these words? You see we too are only speaking of things that you already know, and because you already know them this itself is also a talent, of having learnt so much and recognising the truth in things. That is a talent as well.”

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