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Citizen of the Universe

Little Owl - Citizen of the UniverseI knowingly connected with our Cosmic Cousins thirty years ago. This opened a world of information regarding the future of our home planet Earth and our collective part in ensuring survival of the Human Race on Earth. Meeting them triggered a psychic ability leading to receiving invitations to lecture worldwide, holding consultations, workshops and connecting many with their soul journeys.

I channel for higher entities speaking off world languages, sometimes called Light Language. For those hearing this it often leads to opening up further channels.

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Are we on our own or are we united with all intelligences?  Through my work I aim to show how our spiritual space brothers have maintained an unbreakable connection with us.

At 88 I have traveled globally for my work. I have spoken at many venues, teaching, giving readings, and channeling in many countries. My interest is in soul development, the future of man, and of our planet and contact with Extra Celestials. My work is to bring out the best in us so that we may go forward and join the Galactic Family.

My development classes and group sessions heighten vibrations to amazing levels.  Many times people say there has been a shift in their consciousness simply by being present at a lecture or channelling.  Contact with space friends have demonstrated that we are being assisted by them to become more than we are.

Comment from another:

I am writing to describe an extraordinary experience that I had when attending a soul reading with Shirley Battie. 

I and two others were in the room with Shirley and she had finished channelling our individual readings and was channelling various spirit beings who were inviting us to ask any questions we might have for them.

During this phase Shirley's face would change and other faces would  be superimposed on hers.  

Suddenly Shirley's head disappeared entirely to be replaced with a beautiful blue/purple flame which danced around where her head should have been for at least a minute.  I was utterly amazed to see this – I have never seen anything like it before or since – and I was completely sober I can assure you!

I was so delighted and astonished that I kept pointing it out to the other two people. I feel I was very honoured to have this confirmation provided specially for me and think the spirits must have been aware of my disappointment at not seeing the other faces earlier.  If anyone should doubt Shirley's gifts I believe this is real proof of her connection to Spirit.

To this day I sometimes wonder if I dreamed this but know I didn't and have the tape from the session with me commenting with astonishment and delight as evidence.


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