Little Owl Spiritual Messages from Shirley Humphreys-Battie

Your Mission

I have come to talk to you about your mission. Well, our mission really. But it’s a bit vague to say ‘mission’. I hope to expand on what your mission might be. You could say ‘I’ve come to make a better and brighter world.’ Fine, but how? Some of you know how and have spirit guidance on this. You are the lucky ones. At least you know how to go about things and have a plan. Others, though equally sincere know they are here for a purpose but don’t know clearly what and ask ‘Am I on the right path?’ I tell you there are no wrong paths. There is nothing that you can do to spoil things. It is no accident that you are here on the Earth at this time.

It is no accident that you are grouped together.  You are here to assist one another in realising your collective and personal missions.  Many of you believe you are walk-ins. Does it matter?  Yes and no. The soul that you are, here and now in physical form is the culmination of what you have been. Use to the full what you are capable of now. Many of you here have come as part of an immense spiritual wave sent to Earth, to share and inform those who do not understand, that we are entering a brighter and greater dimension. We come from many planets. We are infinite souls and cannot be erased from existence. This is a period of evolution for us as a species.

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