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Message From The Future

Each individual act is important to the health of your world.

Planet Earth will survive. The human species will survive. During channelling sessions from time to time we are having quite clear strong visits from one who states he is from our far future.  This is not imagination since all present feel that very special energy, so tangible it could almost be touched.  This says to us that we do have a future, one that is bright.  The message that follows is clear.

“We are going to talk about the future for we feel this is in your mind and you wish to know what you could do.  How can you best serve?  Where should you be?  What should you do? Your soul is important, your soul as a grouping, as a species of mankind will continue. There will be changes; there have always been changes so this is not new. We feel that your own personal focus is more on the near future rather than the far future. You are all so very concerned about your future, which is quite understandable, but do you realise that your future stretches into infinity?  Focus on your present, for as you think and act today will dictate your tomorrow.  So is it not important to think about what you are feeding your mind with?  Are you feeding your mind with scenes of violence, negative thoughts and ignoble acts?  Or are you filling your mind with the glories of being alive, stories of acts of brave and heroic individuals and the amazing work done by light workers?  Be inspired by the astounding examples of those who give of their time, love and compassion to those less fortunate than themselves.  Your mind will absorb all the food you give it and this in itself will affect your future.

There is a future, yes. There are many possible futures and not all are the same.  Much of what we say you already know. Many of you are going to say: ‘Well we know this stuff.’  However at times you need reminding because it is easy to forget what you know.  Well-meaning people say, ‘you have it all within’, and that irritates because you can’t remember what you have within, is this not so?   You see all you need do is reflect a little longer and not dash about quite as much as you do, filling all your moments with unimportant matters.

What is important is how you feel about yourself.  Do not do anything you would dislike yourself for.  When you feel about yourself in a good way, then you are looking after your own soul development, your own soul growth.  This is what is important, for this dictates your future.

It is not important if you are on this planet or another planet, on a spaceship or on the Earth. What is important is how you feel about your own particular soul.  If you understand the concept that all is one, that everything is united in one great consciousness, and that you are as important as everybody else.

So your future? And we can hear you say, well when are you going to tell us about the future?  There are always changes. We make contingency plans to assist the planet Earth and much of this is an infusion of special souls.  Many are being born now, many have already been born. These are highly developed souls who have volunteered to be of service when there is a need.  Are you one of these?  We are also speaking of interaction with the mind, ideas, technology to assist, to keep civilisation going.

We realise that you have many practical people who know what they are doing on the planet.  They know how to build a house, they know how to construct this or that or the other.  These individuals who are alive today are vital for they will step forward and put things right.  It is a bit like being marooned on a desert island and somebody comes up and says “Ah well, I can build a shelter because I know how to do it”.  Those who know how to heal without the use of medicine. These individuals will be there when the need is to rebuild society; they will be there to help those who haven’t got a clue how to do anything, who do not know how to wash their clothes unless they have a washing machine.  They do not realise it yet but these special ones will always step forward and come to the aid of those who haven’t got any idea.  Are you one of these? 

Along with that you have special beings who have volunteered to be human.  Some of them have never been human before, but are now incarnated as human beings specifically to assist mankind to get back on its feet, whether this be spiritually or of a practical nature, or with health and healing.  Are you one of these?  Concentrate on your own life and your role for this planet, for you do have a role – those who are healers will heal, those who are teachers will teach, those who have serenity of mind will bring calm to those who are not serene, those who understand disturbed minds will be able to soothe them and arrange some method of assistance, those who are practical will put their practical gift to use, those who bring joy with music and dance and laughter will do so. Each has a role to play and each is as valuable as the other. You will have noticed that there are many young ones who are astounding in what they are able to do, and these numbers are increasing all the time.

You have those such as from Arcturus, Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades who are bringing forward ideas into the minds of those who are receptive enough to receive the ideas. Are you one of these?   This is where your past developments have come from.  People think it is some clever people who’ve thought of something.  Yes, it is, but the idea has been given to them from a star system, from a group of beings on a star system who are helping the technology and the development of your species with these ideas.  Now it is up to you as an individual whether you recognise these gifts and accept them or whether you simply do not hear them.  Are you one of these? 

Dreams, meditation, channelling, any means of contact with the spirit world is absolutely vital. Many are being trained now to connect with the spirit world. Are you one of these?   It is not random; it is a programme to enable people to make this connection themselves so that many more will be awake.  The numbers will grow so that there will be enormous help through this means.  Those who close their ears and do not wish to have anything to do with this will be assisted by those who do. Are you one of these? 

Is it always somebody else who must make things happen? Is it always somebody else’s responsibility? If each individual took full responsibility for being the best they can be with what attributes they have, if each did this everywhere, then the whole of the planet would be transformed and healed in an instant and the job would be done.

It is no accident that you have chosen to incarnate in this exciting time and each of you here is going to make a difference. You are here to swing the balance to the desired outcome. We urge you; please dear souls, to think about your own role, no matter how to your mind, it appears to have no bearing on the greater work. We are aware that you know all the theories, you know the concepts, that you are connected, that you are all of one mind. But it still comes down to each individual.

How can you know what your role is? What do you do? You may go to someone who will give you a reading, in the hope that they will tell you what your role is. Or you will meditate and ask of your guides what you are supposed to be doing, for you would do it if you only knew what it was.  The first step is to ask yourself what you desire to do.  Most of the fear that human beings have comes because they are concerned if there will be a change in their lifestyle, a change in events that will affect them personally. “Will I still have my job?” “What will we do if there is no oil?” Without seeing the bigger picture, they are worrying unnecessarily.

To advance spiritually, conduct yourself according to spiritual laws and spiritual values. When you meet challenges, greet them with joy, for that is yet another gift that will help you to advance. When you endure pain with fortitude, this is yet another means of advancing you. When you surmount the trials as they arrive with the right attitude, when it does not beat you down but lifts you up, then you have advanced. When you look at another soul and genuinely feel love; you do not have to like all souls, but if you can love them as souls - then you are advancing yourself, for love will advance you. Now we do know it is not easy to love everybody, it is easy to be judgemental, for it comes unbidden when one sees a fault in another. But if you can try to see the one that you judged instantly in another light and refer to them in your mind as simply another soul learning their way, finding the path for themselves, then you will find love for the striving that is going on, or for the unhappiness that is within them, you will aim to release the pain, to ease the burden, rather than condemning.”

Never think that what you do in life makes no difference to your planet. Just keep in mind the ‘Hundred Monkeys’ syndrome. No matter how large or small you consider your contribution to be, rest assured that when you act with good intention you personally make a difference to the health of your own soul and well being of your planet and all its inhabitants.  You are here right now to experience the greatest adventure of all time. Enjoy it. 

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