Little Owl Spiritual Messages from Shirley Humphreys-Battie


Do not be dismayed if communication is not instantaneous.  Many factors need to be taken into account; factors which are physical, relating to the atmosphere which are surrounding the planet.  Distortion in the energy field can adversely affect your communication.  We make this point so that you are not discouraged when intently applying for some form of contact beyond your own soul, and yet receive no response.  Frequently many factors need to be in place before this is possible.  However, there is always some connecting link and we receive from you your desires and your needs, which may be responded to at a later date, at a time more favourable.


It is not always to your advantage for us to respond immediately, which is why we ask that you continue to apply your requests and to continue to make your attempts at communication on a regular basis.  This has two effects, one of signalling to your inner being, conditioning your inner being to respond and act for you.  When it receives so frequently, it is programmed into responding.  The more frequently this is done the greater will be your chances of obtaining a response.  We give you an analogy of a ship in distress where the radio operator maintains his post at his instrument sending out a distress signal.  He does not cease until help arrives.  He persists.  The analogy is clear.  If you are in distress or need, send out your signal on a constant basis.  Do not expect to be responded to immediately, though this may happen when conditions are favourable.

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