Little Owl Spiritual Messages from Shirley Humphreys-Battie

Solomon Speaks

“I am to take you by the hand this evening, to hold you gently, not so that you might run away but to reassure you, each and every one.  This is not something as strange as you might think for our minds are with you at all times. It is so infrequent that we are able to pass our thoughts on to you so directly. We aim to bring you insight so that you might view your world in a different light, also so that you might view your own lives in a way that you had not previously considered.  We feel anxiety from you so often. We tell you there is no need for anxiety.

“Many of you would prefer to breeze through your experiences with pleasure and joy and this too we would like for you. The first step is to remove the sense of worry. How may you do this?  As always we aim to give you practical steps. Take your lifetime and look at it.  View it from the cradle to the grave. We know you cannot see as far as the grave but imagine it if you will.  Imagine those moments when you will cease your breath. View it in its totality, or if you find it easier, view your early life up to this moment and look back to its beginnings.

Can you remember the moments when you were so anxious that life seemed too difficult to bear?  Yet here you are for the most part happy and contented, certainly at this present moment. Those previous anxieties served you not at all. They did not resolve any of your difficulties for you, merely made it more difficult to think clearly. Needless worry does not serve you.   Active thought for solutions, this is what is required of you: active thought followed by action. Anxiety on its own without action merely confuses and creates more disturbance.

Now take your mind to the ends of your days, whenever that might be, and imagine yourself looking back over your lifetime.  What would you consider is the most important aspect in your mind at this moment?  Is it really important that you bought or sold that particular house, or that you went on this or that holiday?  All these things that created disturbance at the time have no real value in the overall concept of life. What should be and what will be in your mind is more like - What have I achieved, do I feel good about my actions or do I wish I could have done otherwise?  These are the things that will stay with you when you pass into the spirit world. These are the things that will continue in your mind after you pass from this world. All other matters will seem as non importance.

We tell you this to give you a sense of proportion, to make you easier when you meet difficulties. Hold that picture in your mind and you will see true values. You will see how you may enjoy your life, for you will have swept away all unnecessary concerns of a material sense.

I can feel you say, ‘But yes, when we or a member of the family is ill or suffering anguish of one kind or another then it is not so easy to rest serene.  When we do not have enough funds to pay the bills we cannot rest serene’.  We understand this too. When you meet such a situation, when another’s suffering pulls at your heart strings, we beg you to take a long term view even here. We beg you to think positively about what you may do, rather than worry needlessly without action.  What may you do when another suffers and you are at hand?  You may comfort. You may show quite noticeably some concern. Do share yourselves with those who suffer. Try not to allow suffering to go unaccompanied.

All of you have a role to play in this period of time and the purpose of your presence is to awaken in you ideas as to how you may not only improve your own lives but also the lives of those around you. There is much that you may do by maintaining in yourself an inner serenity.  You know my dear children, when you pass from this life then may your joy begin for that is a birth into a great happiness, a great enlightenment and a great sharing of joy with others.  We try to bring this into your lives here so you do not have to wait for this joy.  We tell you this for there are other existences for you beyond this life, beyond this Earth. This is but a taster for you.

We also ask you to consider that every action and every thought that you send from yourself is felt by another, is received somewhere at some time. It is then reflected back to the source of its origin, that is, your own mind. So in effect you receive what you give. Every thought, every action returns to you. Therefore you would do well to consider that your actions be comfortable, warm and loving, if you would receive the warmth and the love. It is not always easy or loving but it is something for you to aspire to, to hold in your mind as a right action, so that you may enjoy the benefits.

We would mention the species at this point, those of the animal and plant kingdom that cause so much concern through diminishing numbers. There has always been evolution for some reason or another.  Species will disappear and in their place will be new species adapted to changing conditions. This is not a popular viewpoint with those of you on your planet striving to keep the balance.  I am aware that this too is not in the mind of my medium. However we tell you that there will be a disappearance of many species, but it is not a cause for undue alarm. For always, for as long as your planet maintains an atmosphere there will be new species.

We are trying here to give you a broad view so that you do not narrow your thinking too minutely. Man too will evolve.  Man too will change form to some degree but will always be recognisable as mankind.  Man as he is now is different to the man at his first appearance on this Earth.  We are not referring to the ape world. We are talking about the MAN species not the animal species. I would be happy to enlarge upon this.

For those of you who are concerned over the condition of the planet, the climatic and geographical condition, we say that this is merely a part of evolution speeded by man’s actions. It is evolution nonetheless and changes will take place. This brings me to the purpose of my introduction by giving you a broader view of your individual lives. You will return many times and it is necessary for you to have a world to return to. In your subsequent incarnations, in future lives far ahead, we say you will have evolved physically, as well as, we hope, in your soul growth. There will be physical changes to enable you to proliferate and cover the Earth. 

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