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Finding Your Path

What is in your Highest Good?  How do you know what is best for your soul when you are dealing with day to day life?  It is easy to think our immediate material and emotional needs should take priority. We often think our world is falling apart when these needs are not met to our satisfaction.  Or if we are working on our spiritual development, we think that these setbacks indicate we are on the wrong path, when all the while this is exactly the path that has been decided upon by the Soul.

Take the approach that all these things are ingredients for great Soul advancement. with hindsight we are often able to view past difficulties in another light. The divorce that broke our hearts, not to mention our pockets, turns out to have been the greatest gift. Without it we wouldn't have done this or that, or met this or that person who is now so important to us.  Looking back we can see how much we have grown, how much stronger we are than before.

You are protected by the Guardians of Souls. You are not alone in your struggles. The Creation is expanding, vibrations are speeding up. You are speeding up in your own vibration. You can’t help it. You are entering a new dimension and feeling the effects of this. It is time to recognise that you can do much to understand and to make things easier for yourselves. The great Spiritual Beings both of your planet and other worlds are trying hard to communicate with you to tell you how to help yourselves."

Along the way, you will come across many things, some will be beautiful, some difficult, some uplifting and some disturbing. You may observe and pass by or decide to stay awhile before moving on. You have the choice whether to transform something ugly into something beautiful, to ease the difficulties you see, to bring others with you along your way, or to let things stay as they are. The choice is always yours. To move on unnoticed or to leave the footprints of your soul so that others may know you have passed their way.

We really do create our realities and our future. It is true that man becomes what he thinks today. Shirley will show you how to connect with your Soul and your Highest Good through her workshops on Self Hypnosis, Channeling, Inter-active Meditation and Mediumship Training. Learn how to get your own answers direct from Source. Also available are private consultations and Soul Readings which will give a clear indication of your role in this life. The reading will cover your soul Origin and History to the present time.  

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