Little Owl Spiritual Messages from Shirley Humphreys-Battie


Our Future

We all have different futures. Our future is a potential based on our thoughts now.  We become what we think.  The mind grows accordingly to what you feed it and is unique to you.  We are not all going to share the same outcome and we are not going to share the same future. We create our reality and that includes the future.  What you believe to be true is your reality.   We do not all perceive in the same way as we all have different viewpoints. What is your viewpoint?  What are your thoughts? If we focus on the negative aspects of the future we create that future. Our mission is to focus on the great and wonderful aspects of a future world.  There are some things that we are unlikely to change.   Movements of the planets are an example.  They are predictable. Our consciousness is not predictable - it changes as we grow with further information available to us.  We base our truth on the knowledge we have.  Therefore it pays to expand our knowledge.  Feed the mind.

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