Little Owl Spiritual Messages from Shirley Humphreys-Battie

The Spirit Guides

Meet here a few of the guides who have taught Shirley, and who have spoken through her. There are more beings without names or portraits who also come.

Spirit Guides - Chin NeeChin Nee

Chin Nee was his name but he has disclosed that he is indeed Sechem, a time traveller who instigated the writing of the books and plays an important lead role in those books. He had a past life together with Shirley which has been written about in the Bible. - CALLING EARTH I and II

A teacher during workshops in Mediumship.

He has a face that changes with Shirley's mood, at times amused at others serious. He makes suggestions to Shirley while she is teaching which has been most helpful. One example was when he told Shirley to to tell those present to open their eyes and they would see spirit.  This they did and were able to describe the entities in the room.

Spirit Guides - OsishooOsishoo

Osishoo has told me he is Master M as in both books  CALLING EARTH I and II.  

Osishoo came early in 1992 and has been connecting with me since then.  He is a birdman from Sirius but has also shown himself as an angel.  His connection is with Horus and Thoth, the Egyptian gods who I also believe are birdmen from Sirius. Some after attending a channelling session with me Osishoo has come through, he often visits people who are present, in their meditations or dreams.  He carries a very strong and authoritive love vibration.

Spirit Guides - JamereJamere

Jamere is also a time traveller – dedicated to teaching me the languages used by our Cosmic Cousins.  He too figures as a Time Traveller in both books mentioned earlier. He partners with Sechem..

Spirit Guides - AlevianAlevian - Atlantian Priest

His role when living was to be a bridge between alien world and earth world. Alevian spent many years, and generations training to work with alien energy.

His DNA was spliced with alien DNA to allow him to work at the varying frequencies of these other beings. Alevian works as a bridge with me also to speak to certain alien beings.

Spirit Guides - Muuu maaahhhhMUUU maaahhhh - it's an approximation on his name.

 Alevian worked with Muu maa and other aliens to bring technology and information to earth.

He can help you bridge the human part of your energy and align it with others you are communicating with. This means he is giving you access to higher frequencies and more varied aliens coming forth to speak to you and in turn those on earth.

Spirit Guides - Dr PoDr Po

So named because of his Po face.

He has been with Shirley since the beginning and has channelled frequently. At times he is seen over her and during talks or healing work he leaves Shirley and goes into the audience.  He looks into the faces and touches those in the audience.  He sometimes visits other light workers after they have attended the workshops.

He is a teacher from Atlantis.

He has a soul connection with Shirley from her own time in Atlantis and he works very much as she does.

Spirit Guides - Rah PtahRah Ptah

He is from Egypt and Atlantis.

He has channelled through Shirley for a long time. She called him domehead for quite a while until she was told his name.


Spirit Guides - DangarDangar

He is a teacher from Atlantis. 

He has a soul connection with Shirley from her own time in Atlantis and he works very much as she does.

Spirit Guide - DargenAn Angel called Dargen

He has been seen behind Shirley, and described, when she has been giving lectures.

AndreasSpirit Guides - Andreas

Within a meditation Shirley first saw him in a hut in a forest.  He was glowing and really beautiful.  Shirley called him her angel for a long time before she was given a name.  She asked him many questions and he answered them all.

Spirit Guides - Har Ku EmHar Ku Em

A worker from Atlantis.

He is very much to do with supplying information on the changes of the Earth.

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