Little Owl Spiritual Messages from Shirley Humphreys-Battie

On Guides and Spirit Response to Those Thoughts

My thoughts about my guides and teachers. I love them very much and I also love the people I know and those who come to the groups. In general I love everybody.


“The difference between loving your guides and teachers in spirit is that you know they love you back. You don’t know that with all those others who are around you on earth. You don’t always feel that love in the way you feel love from the guides and teachers. This is why you get so emotional when you contact those darling teachers. They don’t judge. They don’t criticise and they point the way when you need it. This is the difference between us and those around you in physical life.


You are part of that group that is incarnated and if you can feel genuine love and make it felt by those around you then you too are acting as guide and teacher. Think about that. When you have contact with your guide, when you draw them to you and you meet, their total focus is on you, and your total focus is on how you feel the love from them. For we know you feel the love for we feel the love too.


The focus is about you. How often if at all do you think of the guides’ position? How often do you wonder what they are doing in their existence? How often, how often do you think about them when your total focus is on yourself as a rule? If you would act as an incarnated guide on earth to those around you then your focus has to be on the one you are trying to help. The focus has to be on that individual who has come to you and not on yourself. The person who has come for assistance is not concerned about you and what is going on in your life. The fact that they need you means they need something for themselves. It is up to you to give it if you can.


But like the guides you do not make decisions for them. You should not make decisions for them. Like the guides the most that you can offer is love, understanding and non judgement and pointers, pointers so that they can see their way through their situation.


Then you too are a guide.

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