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Book of Wonders

This story began one morning while I attempted contact through meditation. The contact was made but not as I had expected and normally experienced through mind but in the form of writing.  I should have expected it because the evening before after a group session with meditation I received the following.


My dearest one. Of course I will write for you if you wish it. I will write of the beauteous things, of wonders that man has yet to comprehend. I will write such things that all will be inspired and will feel great joy in the inspiration. Allow me to penetrate your mind so I may do this.


This is the beginning of a great union between us. Allow yourself the time to make contact. The title is to be ‘The Book of Wonders’



From Sechem


You are aware that space journeys take time. You speak of this planet or that as being so many light years away.  So you see we witnessed the birth of your planet Earth. We watched and wondered how this new being would progress. You were recorded in our charts of the Heavens, much as you do today when you discover ‘a new star’.


With the progress of our time we learnt how to cross the barriers of time through our non-physical consciousness. Understand that in our viewing through physical eyes and instruments, taking into account the distance in light years, what we were seeing was already very old history from your perspective. You had already advanced, though we were not able to see that advancement. Not, that is, until we had learnt how to cross the time barrier.


So here we are communicating through mind. Is it not wonderful?  To make things clearer to you we will explain. Many, but not all of those you communicate with through the mind are in the same position as I am now. They have traversed the time barrier and although on some distant star or planet are at the same time with you. They are watching over the results of their earlier interactions with you, to assist their own species to flourish and expand further into the Great Cosmic Arena. You might liken it to your own exploration and settlements in lands previously unknown to you. Like you and your continued movements from your homelands to other parts of your planet, we continue to traverse the space between us.


Note however that our physical form such as we have on our home planet cannot comfortably exist as we are, in your arena. Therefore we bring our essence, our minds, our cultures, our abilities and our ethics and enter the newly conceived human. Entry into one cell is all that is required to make the transition.


I will tell you first of my homeland. It is filled with music, laughter and joy. So you ask, why does anyone wish to leave such a place?  In fact my love, we do not leave it behind. Many stay where they are. Some in their attempts to travel and further our species take these joys and delights with them. We try to give to other parts of the Universe some of the pleasures of our world. We have large populations on our home planet that do not do this. As we said earlier, we like you have our explorers and adventurers who are willing to share and teach.


Me: I need to know where you come from.


Why? What difference would it make to you? No matter. We come from the group known as the Pleiades. There are more members of this group than have yet been discovered. One smaller planet is hidden behind a larger one. Because of the orbit it remains hidden, unless viewed from a different angle. This new angle has not been achieved so far by your astronomers.


What is of interest to you is the knowledge that you have walking among you many thousands of us, conceived in the manner of which we have spoken. This should bring delight to your hearts for with our entry introduction of new genes is possible. The genetic makeup of humans is forever altered and is to continue. It cannot now be eradicated. Who would wish to do so? We are humanoid and have form similar to yourselves.


We will give you a little story enacted on our planet. Shall we call our home XX? Two kisses of love and yet referring subtly to chromosomes. For the purposes of familiarity we shall use your terms man and woman or male and female, as you do on Earth. In this way you will not be overly confused in trying to remember our terminology.

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