Little Owl Spiritual Messages from Shirley Humphreys-Battie

Soul Rescue


I am at the top of stone steps. Quite deep, not very wide. Sharp edges like concrete. It is outside. I can’t see the bottom. I go down. There is a rail at the bottom. It is not meant for comfort, this. Each step is deep. It is quite difficult but not impossible. I can’t see the bottom. There is no particular colour. It is just grey. There is a greyness about everything here. As I do down it gets darker. Although I started outside I am in some sort of hole. There is darkness about everything. I get to the bottom. There are concrete floors again. It is smooth as if it has been laid especially and fairly recently too I’d say. It hasn’t had time to get dirty or marked by a lot of feet or the weather. It is quite clean. The walls are very bare, again concrete. Very austere. No warm human touch.


I turn off to the left. The same thing. Corridor, freshly done, very barren and stark. I come to the only door. I am reminded of a barricade, very forbidding. It is not meant for just anybody to enter here, only those who know they must enter here. It is like a safe door with bars across, reinforced. In fact there is a padlock on it. The key is still in the padlock which strikes me as a little odd. I unlock it and take the key out of the padlock and go in.


I see people or things. There is something here. It is very dark. It is as if whatever, whoever is here is holding its breath. They are all a little scared. They are scared of me. They don’t know who I am, who has come through this door. I can almost feel them cowering back against the walls. I just feel them there. I can’t exactly see them. They are just shapes, shapes. I can’t tell if they are adults or children, people huddling against the walls. They can’t get away any further from me than that. They are very frightened of me.


I walk very slowly. It is so dark in here. As I have done once before, I know I must get their trust. I sit down in the middle on the floor cross legged. I lean forward slightly so that I don’t tip back. I sit and I wait. I simply sit and ask for help. Meditate and ask for help. Meditate and ask and draw in the forces of light. The light is needed here. The light is needed here. I am drawing in the light and asking the Divine beings to shed their light in this dreadful place. I ask that the fear be taken from those around me.


I sit and a wide beam gradually intensifying in light and strength shines down on me. It is wider than me and casts a pool of light around me. So I am seen and they can see me clearly, though I can’t see them. I sit quietly with my eyes closed, waiting, waiting and asking for help from the angels. I feel little touches on my cheek and my hair, like little butterflies. I know that the beings of light are here, for it is a gentle and comforting, reassuring touch. I continue to sit and wait, and wait.


I hear movements from those who have hidden themselves against the wall. They shuffle forward slightly. I can feel them coming on hands and knees, not standing but shuffling forward. I am surprised how many old people are here. Old and haggard. There are the young macho boys, rough characters. They are here too. We have the pious ones with their noses in the air, supercilious ones, and frightened ones, unsure now, where they were sure before. Because a few have moved forward the others do. They come closer and closer, still not standing, still afraid.


I continue to sit and wait. I wait for them all to come and settle. So they too wait. The movement continues as they move in closer. They are on the edge of the beam of light. They haven’t entered it yet. Their faces are lit up with the glow as if sitting round a fire. They daren’t enter the light; they are touched by it but are afraid to come too close. They draw a little closer and they can come no more without entering the pool of light, without getting close to me. They don’t want to get too close for they don’t know who I am. They wait and I can see their faces. All kinds.


I turn my head to look. This frightens them, the movement frightens them. They are frightened, terrified of what will come next. I just look and smile at them, hoping the smile will reassure them. I wait and smile and ask for help from the angels. Suddenly the beam of light that surrounds me widens. It expands into a larger beam and all those sitting around are caught in it now. They are blinded. This frightens them even more. They cover their faces.


They gradually realise that the light hasn’t hurt them. It hasn’t hurt them at all. Their eyes gradually become adjusted. They look at each other for the first time. They regard each other, some with interest, some with loathing, some with tears running down their faces. But they are taking notice. They are taking notice. They are taking an interest in something other than themselves at last. It has been a long time since they took an interest in anything other than themselves.


I stand. This takes them by surprise. It doesn’t seem too bad for now they are interested. They stand for the first time for a long time. They stand up. The light expands even more. It is the light from the angels. It fills the room and the bare walls. One by one the people present begin to fade. They dissolve, they disappear, fading and not to be seen. The room is now empty and I am standing alone. The job has been done and I now can return. I thank all those Divine beings.

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