Little Owl Spiritual Messages from Shirley Humphreys-Battie

Inner Journey - 17th July 2011

I am standing on purple velvet, very thick and rich velvet. It is like carpeting in velvet. As I go I realise there are a lot of people watching. I stop and take my cloak/coat off and put it over my head so I can’t be seen. That is a bit odd. As I get to the bottom there are people, energies, intelligences whatever.


Some of them are interested, some are just going about their business. The place is absolutely packed, seething almost. I work my way through until I come to the passageway on the left. I can just about see it through all the others that are here. I slip into it. Nobody seems to notice that I have done this.


It is calm, quiet and dark. Not too dark so I can still see where I am going. It is a narrow passageway, very narrow, almost both shoulders are touching either side it is that narrow. I push my way along. This passage almost feels like a crack and something that has broken apart and has allowed entry into it.


Like a crack or fissure in a rock. It is still quite dark and I have to feel my way along on the right to feel the opening. I turn into it not knowing where it is going. The only place I can go is down a ladder fixed to the wall so there is no fear of it falling.


I keep going down. It is well hidden for safety, for security.


“You are allowed for we know you are safe.”


I come to a big open space – well lit. There are a lot of people here. I am talking about human beings as well as those who look like human beings but are not, not in our sense. This place is very very busy with everyone doing something. It is enormous and well lit but with no shadows. The light is everywhere. Everyone seems to know what they are doing but I don’t know what I am doing here. There is machinery, lots of dials and controls. It has been here a while because it is so orderly, so well practiced. What am I supposed to do here?


“You are to observe and know that this exists. Know that we have plans to accommodate many.”


My question is how are people going to know about this?  It is so far down. I don’t even know the way in.


“When it is important for others to know there will be an opening which will show them the way.”


My next question is who are these people you will show the way to?


“We will show the way to those who will have something of benefit to offer the planet without thought of selfish gain. We will know which ones genuinely wish to assist planet Earth and genuinely wish for a better world for all, not just for themselves. Those who feel they have earned a place because of position or power will not know of this entrance.”


I feel you are talking of adults here but what about families, children, innocents?


“We look at the soul. Even children have a soul that can be seen for its true worth. Therefore it will only be those who at soul level have intentions of assisting planet Earth and the continuation of the human species. Even children may have evolved souls or inferior souls, and we will know for we have access to their innermost being when the need is there.”


My next question is why are you showing me this?


“This is so you can make this known. So that others will look to their soul condition and take heed of what we say. We know you are safe for you do not know how to enter this place on a physical level. It will be clear when the time is right.”


It sound a bit fancy to me but there are so many people down there. They are men down there, not ladies or children.


“These are the operators, those who are maintaining this in good order. The time is not ready yet.”


They then showed me to another part, a different area. It is there that we see beings who are not humans. I can’t say Extraterrestrials for they are of the earth but not as those on the surface.


“They too belong to the Earth and it is they who have assisted in this project. Without these beings from in the Earth this project would not be possible.”

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