Little Owl Spiritual Messages from Shirley Humphreys-Battie

Message from the Stars

There is one reason why we wish to assist the Earth and its peoples; one reason along with the need to become united in spirit and soul with all things. The reason is that we wish to share the Earth with you.  We wish in all senses to share the Earth rather than being considered alien or having nothing to do with your home planet.  When we may share freely your planet then you may equally share our planets and our systems of life supports. It is not simply a one-way thing. You will receive as much as we will gain. Therefore it is in all interests that progression, spiritual progression is made and that the Earth itself remains in good health. We wish to be equal with you.

There is life on other planets. What is often forgotten with man’s explorations is that he is exploring from his present time. There is life on other planets in their time. There are many many years between one and the other if we are thinking of linear time. So the answer is that yes there is life on other planets but man with his probes cannot always see it because of that time difference.

However if we cross the time barriers, if man on your planet is able to discover how to cross the time barrier, how to travel and explore in his own time zone then he will discover beings, intelligent beings on other planets and star systems that enable this function.  There are many planets with the same ability to breathe the same atmospheric envelope so that one could exist on both planets without difficulty. There are changes occurring over many millions of years and much of what they perceive now through their probes and satellites is history. There is the difference in time as well as dimensional shifts that causes lack of exact truth. Once man has discovered travel through time then it will become easier.

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