Little Owl Spiritual Messages from Shirley Humphreys-Battie

PREDICTIONS GIVEN FROM 1991 – through Shirley Battie


PREDICTION pieces shown in my books BEING HUMAN, and SPIRIT SPEAKS, given before the internet.

Some of the events shown have already come to pass and some still to do so, unless we change things with our actions and minds.

I was told that predictions are given as warnings rather than events that are inevitable. They may be compared to scare tactics used by the media to stop smoking, drug misuse or bad driving habits. They are geared to shock the public into taking note and acting in a different way. Our future is dependent on how we act today. It is with this in mind that I present the predictions as given to me. I really do not want to project doom and gloom, but given that some of the events are down to man and can be changed if they have the will, I feel it is worth including them for consideration. Nothing is cast in stone and we can all change things if we try.


THE RUSSIAN BEAR - prediction

I see The Russian Bear. It's got spears in it. It is fighting off attacks by the people.

“It is an enormous bear, but it has been tamed. People are throwing sticks and spears, they are angry. It is roaring, it is mighty and the people are very small, very tiny, but they are hurting it. The sun is low, but it is coming up. It is rising. There are black clouds, but the sun is rising and the heat of the sun will melt the clouds. The bear will not be slain. It will be tamed, domesticated and fed by the people. It will be tamed by the spears and stones, by the small people. The black clouds will remain until the heat of the sun is strong. It will take generations under the black clouds. Those in the south will feel the heat of the sun before those in the north. And the west and the east will have a mixture of cloud and clear sky, but it will take a generation.

The bear will survive and it must be fed. It is large; it requires a lot of feeding. It will grow thin before the time is finished, but it will grow sleek again when the sun is hot. It will sleep when the sun sets, but it will remain well until the sun rises again in the east. The people, though they are small will not be slain by the bear.”

N.B. This was given before USSR was broken up by the people.

MOVEMENT OF PEOPLES - 21st August 1991

I am in the Hall of Knowledge in the altered state and describe what follows.

“I see a tall ship, it is packed. It's on a stormy sea at night. It is packed with people from the black countries, dark skins. They are looking to the west. They will come across stormy waters to settle and remain in the lands of their discovery. It's their new world of discovery. They will prosper. They will bring music and colour. They will be many. They will grow and cultivate. They will cultivate the fields as in their former lands using the same methods, living the same lives, singing the same songs. They will teach their ways, it is a reversal of the past.”

AMERICA - prediction - 21st August 1991

“There will be strong violent winds, storms across the prairies, in the towns. Violent! Yellow stormy skies, waves on the shore, high waves, high winds. It is a scene of natural calamity along the coastal areas. It is not (globally) catastrophic, it is humbling, and it is a humbling levelling action. It is not disaster on a grand scale but a disaster for many.

The land and the people will survive and continue with a renewed set of values. It will be beneficial experience but the storms will rage beforehand. Storms, snow (I can see snow) out of season. People will run to the mountains but the mountains will rock. It will all settle, it will become quiet once more, re-establish. There will be a new pioneering spirit form afresh in the hearts of brave and strong peoples. They are survivors against adversity; it is a strengthening of souls that had become flaccid and wayward. It is a salvation of souls. There will be born geniuses in that time. Men of special talents, men of clear sight.” And later on I received this.

“The winds in America will blow more strongly than ever before. They are used to strong winds but these will surpass anything previously experienced.”

Possible choice of habitation

During one session I saw that there would be choices as to how to live depending on the prevailing environment. One choice was to live under domes, vast areas under cover. I was reminded of the Eden Project in Cornwall. Another choice was to live under the sea. There would be long tunnels leading to undersea cities. I believe something like this already exists, but is secret.


I have a picture of men tearing up papers and substituting others in their place. I can't quite work that one out.

“The papers are documents relating to scientific research. Figures, calculations and formulae long established will be replaced. A new thinking, a new direction of endeavour is required. The old conditioning will be swept aside. Restructure, there is to be restructure (of energies?”)

 I can't understand.

 “Restructure of both on a material and physical level. Genetically speaking there is to be re-structure. One might say rapid evolution. Yes, indeed there will be changes which you cannot imagine.”

I ask for a picture. It’s a picture of people in the air without any visible means of support. Oh, it is clear.

“It is a demonstration of ability to defy gravity, anti-gravity you might say. It is not necessary to escape the pull of your earth to experience this and to utilise this in many ways for transport and other objectives useful to mankind. It has in fact been done before; this has been achieved in your past but was misused. It will be so again.”


Somebody said, “We have got lift off.” I see a big television set, but it is a panoramic view like a viewing point, like a television screen without a boundary. All I can see at the moment is a sea with a big swell on it, rolling. I can feel the motion. I can see the sea, and underneath the water I can see as well. It is like a cut out view. Under the sea are mountains; I can see mountains below the water. As I watch the water is stilled, frozen, a dead stillness.

A guide sitting with me and watching says: “Everybody thinks of the warming as being a raising of temperature. Consequences are not always so, the consequences alter patterns to the extent that there is a dramatic lowering of temperature not previously imagined in certain areas. A shift in position of temperate zones. Siberia one imagines as being the area of intense cold. That is a mistake; there will be a reversal. Those now wishing to be anywhere but in Siberia will gladly remain there. A land of plenty, of abundance, of pleasurable existence.”

I see a land peopled by many; they are short people, very short. I see vast canopies, enormous expanse, enormous expanse of covering, manmade artificial covering over the land. I don't know if this is here. (or on another planet)

“It is a means of existence elsewhere, perfectly practical and feasible. One that may need to be created for the continuance of life in certain areas. Environment!”

Talk about science fiction!

“What is fantasy to you is quite normal for those who live in this manner. Your method of existence to the eyes of many appears to them to be fantasy, a world in the imagination only. We who have communication and knowledge know, and fully realise that there are many facets to life, as you yourselves are aware that thought alone is also an existence. There are many (worlds) that even you would find difficult to comprehend.”

He is showing me squares and triangles and shapes in colours and they are all moving about - everything is a shape of geometric form.

“That too is a reality every bit as valid as your own.”

At this moment a different tone of voice came in:

“Note when the birds fly in. The birds know. The birds will take to the air in numbers and are directed. They have a sense of purpose and know their direction. When the birds take to the air, that is the time. That is the time for more than just communication. They will take to the air in numbers great. It will be noticed. That is when you should be aware of something to happen of relevance to the discussion. You will also notice an attempt to take to the air those birds that have lost the power of flight. The urge will be to take flight once more, even though it is physically impossible. This too will be noted. It is a primeval instinct that will surge once again. It will be so strong as to over-ride reason. What we are saying is that logic will take flight.” ---- It is difficult to receive this clearly. He is giving me a picture because I can’t find the words. There is somebody holding my thumbs. I will describe. All the flightless birds are struggling hard to fly and they can’t. I feel this may be symbolic.


I am being shown something, a picture of icy waters pouring from one land to the other. Waters pouring from one country to the other, flooding, not directed. Pouring, flowing and carrying with it mud. All is washed away in the flood. Mud, animals, objects all washing along in the tide. I am asking where this is.

“In many lands not just one, not just one continent. In many over the same period. Waters on the eastern sides; rivers rising and flowing backwards. Some will welcome the water, indeed to many it will be a salvation. It will be a renewal, hope that will spring again and cries of halleluiah. Waters will deflect the attention that is resting so heavy at this time. An order of priorities will be re- established. They will not be as now; it will not be man against man. It will be man with man.”


“You must record this.

The Arabs, the Muslims in the Arab states will involve themselves in the war at present in the Yugoslav areas. They will involve all countries where there are Muslims in numbers sufficient to unite. It will become a matter of pride and furthering belief in one's system. Politically motivated but driven by the feeling raised up in the peoples. Turkey will be involved as will surrounding nations and the funding will come from the Muslim states, in particular the Arabs. This is for the record.”


I have a picture of a tower block. It is reaching up high so that the top of the building is in the clouds. There are hands on all sides of the block holding it up. I don't understand the meaning of this except the hands and the arms are supporting the building. Not just one pair of hands but several supporting the building, the dwelling places. I ask for clarification.

"So that the world built up by man, built by man and constructed by man, so that this world does not crumble and fall killing all occupants of this constructed world, we are attempting to hold it in place. We are attempting to hold it together against the winds of change and the winds of force that buffet this construction. We are attempting to steady and retain in position until the winds have passed. It may be that our efforts will be in vain but we are attempting to do what we can.

You cannot see the construction above the clouds. It is lost from your view but those who live in lofty places, those who have deemed it right for them to live in the higher echelons of your society, those who have decided that is their rightful position; they will not receive the same support for the simple reason we cannot see into the cloud. Those who rise and put themselves in the higher positions would have the furthest to fall if their construction collapses. Unless they are able to fly they would not survive the fall.

We are doing what we can. We are talking of winds of change, winds that blow from a direction unknown to you, from a direction you have not dreamed of. You will not be prepared because your eyes are not turned in the direction from which the change will come. Those of you who have the sight to see, sight from within, will not place themselves in the dwelling places constructed by man's vanity. They will seek the open spaces and remain close to the ground from which they cannot fall. They will avoid the vanity of man's rise above others and above the creatures who cannot construct. Those men who have this foresight will not be crushed should the edifices crumble."

GOLDEN PLANET FORCE - prediction? - 19th June 1993

I have a picture of rooftops at night, and stars. It is quiet and everybody is sleeping. I have another picture now. It is a golden ball in the distance, a golden globe I should say. It is rolling-rolling is not the right word, tumbling is more correct. You know how you see a planetoid moving round and revolving? It is rolling along towards us.

“It is beautiful but it is equally perilous. It has a force that is natural to it, a force it cannot help but have. This force has an effect upon the surroundings and such things as are in the vicinity of this force. It is a beauty and a wonder but at the same time something which is not welcome.”

I can't understand that.

“It is the attraction, the attraction of the pull. A combining of forces, which is not in all cases to the benefit of both. It is nonetheless a thing of beauty and to be wondered at as a marvel. It is a portent. It is an indication of the means by which change will come about upon your planet.”


I have a picture now of a lot of aeroplanes flying over. They are dropping leaflets, lots and lots and lots of leaflets.

“They are going a long way and the cargo is full of these leaflets. They are printed in all languages, every language that exists. There can be no one who will say they were not told. There can be no avoiding the knowledge, even those who cannot read will understand. How each individual reacts is according to their own will, their own decision. There will be many who ignore and there will be many who take heed. The messages will be broadcast also through the airwaves, through the television.”

I want to know what the message is.

“Protect, protect, cover - do not run. You can conserve, disconnect - disconnect all amenities, all sources of supply - (I am getting very hot) protection.

There is a wall so high - it is water - I can't stay with that one. It was getting so uncomfortable and was as if I was there within that scene. A tidal wave I feel is referred to. Note: Since then in 2005 there have been tsunamis in Indonesia.

TURKEY prediction - 9th July 1993

I am waiting for them to tell me what this is about.

“Turkeys make a lot of nonsensical noise and that is exactly what is going on within the boundaries of Turkey. The events taking place are at the stage of squabbling, but the squabbling will develop into more serious irritation and anger when the biggest birds and the strongest will peck at the weaker ones and there is fighting one with another, brother against brother. The strongest will prevail at the expense of the smaller and less able. What appears to be innocent, even delightful grows into something more sinister and disagreeable.”

I am getting the feeling to pay attention.

“Not that there is anything that you can do but to be aware. Do not be taken by surprise. Not to gloss over events as insignificant for it is the insignificant events that will become the most important. So insignificant that they may be missed, except if you have a sharp eye and a quick ear.”


I was in New Zealand in 1999 and was staying on the island of Waiheke. While there I was looking out to sea at all the other islands. Suddenly I saw that the water had vanished. I could see bare ground where there had been sea. It was a shock and I noticed that all the islands were bare of water. Then it was back to normal again. Was this a sign of a tsunami to come or a rising up of the land? Only time will tell.

During a later channelling we received this.

There will be movement, both of populations and of land mass. There will be strong winds. We know you have them already but these winds will increase to levels that have not been reached before. There will be a rising of the waters. This you know already. This is already established by your scientists. We tell you that there will be mass movement of peoples. In itself this should tell you that it will be a necessity not just a desire. Climates that have been cold will become warm. Land that has been desert will become seas.

Man will survive. Man will always survive. The great landmasses such as the continents and the inner parts of continents will be the places that are the safest. But there will be strong winds nevertheless. Australia will be inhabited more fully than it is at the moment. There will be no restriction of entry into that country. Many of the small islands will become larger landmasses, for they will rise. There will be a change in the contours of land. There will be more water than previously. Mountains will fall.

There will not be a comet strike. We tell you this for this is a question in the minds of your officials. There will not be an actual hit by an asteroid, which is what we meant to say. However there will be a gravitational pull as a result of asteroid. A gravitational shift as a result, without the strike. This is something to be grateful for. There will be – we try not to give doom and gloom. You see how we are struggling not to tell you all things. You have one on your planet, one volcanic interaction that is greater than you have ever had before. This will cause some disruption.

Once again we assure you that man will survive. These events we tell you is not only as a result of man’s behaviour on the planet. Much is a natural event that would occur in any case. We ask that you focus on the quality of your soul and not be concerned over the condition of various countries. For when the soul is at peace and in confidence then there will be no trauma attached to that soul. Whether it is reborn or is a survivor this will enhance the growth of the planet, mankind and that individual’s soul. There will be signs before these events.

By degrees there are already signs that are being made known by the media – gently. Your authorities are already aware of what is possible though they may not tell you. They are already preparing for events such as we speak of. There will be of necessity a unity between nations. There will be a ceasing of the constant economical battle for supremacy. Values will be readjusted. This is to the good. You might call this a new order out of necessity, a common goal because the economic situation of your world will be in disarray.

What follows are the comments.

Tamsin: I can see you – gosh!

Juliette: You are a male form.

Tamsin: you keep disappearing.

I can see right through you (Shirley)

I see outline and the shoulders. It is twinkling. I am seeing ET’s. definitely ET there. Real big eyes, black – no hair. She is disappearing an awful lot. She is glowing from the inside.

There is a mist coming out of her.

Oh my God. Did you see that?

James: that is what I have been seeing all the time. ET. Big eyes. It is like that picture of Osishoo up there. Black eyes at an angle.

Tamsin: that is what came through really strongly when Shirley was getting ready to channel. Oh wow! Did you see that light? It was going across there.

A different face there now.

James: You were disappearing all the time from the beginning, making it difficult to concentrate on what was said.

Tamsin: the angelic realm was there.

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